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As a Data Manager:

Prices can change frequently due to variable market conditions. Cashew Kernel prices will be updated on a daily basis. For other products, prices can be given against specific interests. Our team can effectively handle and manage all types of documentation should there be a need for it. At K Peheraj Commodity Trading Agency(KPCTA), WE value your privacy and will keep your business dealings with us strictly confidential at all times.

As a Market Advisor:

We are able to assist you with systematic updates of global and source market trends along with our understanding of the situation. KPCTA will readily provide information on available supplies, prices, and quality only from dependable sellers. We believe in always giving our clients an advantage in their deals over a period of time. You benefit from a whole package

As a Quality inspector:

Our Vietnamese team consist of dedicated, experienced inspectors. For all shipments originating from Vietnam, an experienced member from our Vietnam office will jointly inspect the cargo along with the inspection agency to ensure quality is shipped as contracted. We pledge to bring quality products to our customers.

As a Operational Department:

KPCTA’s specialized contract management team ensures contracts are executed competently and accurately. We have capability in handling a wide range of documentation. We constantly monitor your order at every stage – right from the origin to destination and give you accurate updates on the status of your order. KPCTA can arrange for forward contracts from top suppliers to ensure timely shipments and assured quality.

As a Relationship Manager:

KPCTA provides a personalized service to suit individual needs of its clients. Our resourcefulness enables us to be consistent in providing solutions for varied commodities as per your specific requirements. We are always looking to help our clients grow their business. Call our K Peheraj team to find out how we can help you today

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